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mississauga city centre

City Centre

Mississauga City Centre offers a range of beautiful experiences which keeps its visitors coming back again. Square One is one of the nine regions of the Mississauga City Centre. Mississauga City Centre is the first choice for urban living standards. The City Centre provides grounds for many business activities. It is known to be a central point of investments from a number of years.

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port credit

Port Credit

Mississauga Port Credit has a population of about 15,000 people. It is located at the foot of Mississauga and on the doorstep of Canada's largest city; Port Credit is a small town with big charm. Alive with festivals and events, food and entertainment and a gorgeous marina, Port Credit offers an abundance of fun and excitement. On foot or by boat, day or night, Port Credit is a destination unlike any other. Like the Lighthouse that beckons from the mouth of the Credit River.

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Mississauga Valley

Mississauga Valley is a home for about 10, 000 people. Mississauga Valley is a wonderful place where people are involved in many social activities. It is minutes away from Square One and the Mississauga City Centre.

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