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Wide Suites Condos- When you work hard for a living, it is only reasonable to reward yourself with the best of what life has to offer. Speaking of the best for you, if you are looking for the perfect place for you to stay, going for the ordinary condominiums today is only second best. The best choice you can opt for is to choose an even better option, the Wide Suites Condos. They do not just offer the usual ordinary condominiums, rather everything that is being offered is wider, bigger, and better. Imagine a condo suite that is better and that is now what you call a wide suite.

For starters, you can find Wide Suites Condos at 208 Enfield Place, Mississauga, south of Burnhamthorpe Road West, west of Hurontario Street. The location itself is more than enough to convince you to choose these condos because it is located at an area where everything you need is accessible and just a few blocks away like shopping centers, malls, entertainment buildings, Playdium, Living Arts Centre, Civic Centre, Toronto downtown, and a lot more!

Wide Suites have 278 units all in all and is a 37-storey building. Once you enter the building, you will be amazed right away by the welcoming lobby it has. The entire building has a very high security system all day and night. Wide Suites also offers a lot of amenities and facilities that their condo owners will never have to live the building ever again. Such amenities include a card room, playground for the children and young at heart, library,party room, massage room. Conference rooms, spa, whirlpool, sauna, terrace at the rooftop, indoor pool, theater, billiards room, a business center, and a lot more. Indeed, Wide Suites offers everything that their clients needs. It is perfect for families and even those who are living alone with no family.

The units of the Wide Suites Condos are truly remarkable and undeniably superb! Each unit can have one and a half to two and a half rooms. Because the rooms in Wide Suites are a lot bigger and wider, owners can place a lot more things and redecorate or do anything they want with the unit they have. All units come automatically with five appliances and the rooms have laminated flooring. There is also a room for laundry. In addition, the counter tops are made of granite. The windows in each room, including the bedrooms and living room have very wide windows. Finally, each unit has a marble foyer. 

If you want to experience the good life, consider living in one of the condos in Wide Suites. You will never ask for more because Wide Suites has made sure that their clients will be given the best among the rest. This is not your ordinary condominiums because each unit is made wider, bigger, better, and more perfect for you and your family. It is perfect for those who have kids or those who live alone. Kids can have fun at the pool and playground. Families can have fun time going in the theater at the same building where they live.